How can i get Payoneer prepaid Mastercard for free+25 dollar free

What is Payoneer?
#Payoneer not(pioneer) is a global payment processor similar to PayPal and Moneybookers (AKA Skrill) which promises a safe, secure, and affordable online payment solution for international freelancers and affiliate marketers who make their money online.

Payoneer was founded in 2005 and today is recognized as a leader in Internet transactions for businesses around the globe. The company enables millions of daily online payments between companies and their suppliers, contractors and even company staff located worldwide. Payoneer works directly with prepaid MasterCard® cards that give their customers a quick, safe and efficient means of online payment, without incurring the costs associated with traditional checks or bank transfers. The prepaid MasterCard® card enables customers to transfer payment anywhere in the world via the Internet or utilize the card at standard cash registers and at ATM machines.

Payoneer benefits:
-Funds are available on your card within 2 hours
-No bank account required
-Use online, in stores or at ATMs worldwide that accept MasterCard®
-Multilingual customer support
-Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer service allows you to get paid directly to your bank account in over 35 currencies, to over 200 countries!
-Payoneer can transfer funds in the local currency of the user
Benefits of the Global Bank Transfers:
-Speed – Funds transferred within 1 to 3 business days
-Cost-effective – Cheaper than wires and checks
-No monthly fees or maintenance charges
-Secure – payments are backed by our industry-leading security and safety standards

 Payoneer prepaid Mastercard and affiliates:
Affiliates receive their payments by wire transfer  into their local bank accounts or check in their own countries, they usually need to make an international payments in different countries,Payoneer prepaid Mastercard helps affiliates to do their transactions easy ,faster than wire transfer or by check,cheaper  and they can withdraw cash from ATMs as they are Master Card debit card cardholders.
How can i get Payoneer prepaid Mastercard for free
 Payoneer Mastercard and clickBank:
 you can now use a Payoneer MasterCard® to receive Automated Clearing House (xACH) payments from ClickBank. Payoneer offers you a new way to get paid that is fast, secure and offers you great flexibility with your money.  It is a safe and convenient way to receive payments in countries that don’t currently accept xACH.

 Payoneer Mastercard and Elance:
Payoneer Debit Master Card is the best way to get paid quickly from Elance specially for those who live out side USA if they don’t have a Paypal Credit Card or money booker .

 Payoneer Mastercard and Odesk:
The Prepaid Debit Card allows automated and immediate global payouts to all oDesk contractors worldwide. Using the Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card, powered by Payoneer, more than 240,000 oDesk contractors worldwide can now easily access their payments by making purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs in over 200 countries,oDesk can provide contractors with a faster, simpler and more secure means of accessing their earnings.

 Payoneer Mastercard and Amazon:
Many Payoneer cardholders also sell items on the Amazon marketplace.  While Amazon does offer bank transfer solutions to some Eurozone countries, there are still many locations in which a quick and efficient payment solution is not available.

Payoneer’s US Payment Service allows you to sell on Amazon and receive your earnings directly to your very own Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card, available to over 200 countries!

Transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer:

Payoneer Card is a Debit Master Card that you can use to withdraw your money from ATMs, so the aim is to get your Paypal funds onto your Payoneer card if you have one. 
also you can use Payoneer Card to activate your Paypal account.

 Payoneer Mastercard supports:
-eCommerce Platforms:

 2 Check Out





 ROI Rocket
-Direct Sales:
American Rena
Apriori Beauty
 Health E-Choice
 It Works
 Wellness Pro
 World Venture
-Freelancer Market:
 Lime Exchange
 Rent a Coder
Camp Leaders
 Douglas Ranch Camp
 Iroqouis Springs
 US Sports Institute
 Camp Young Judaea - Texas

sign up now for free to receive your Payoneer prepaid MasterCard and earn 25$,Then you’ll be redirected to Payoneer website from where you can apply for the card. Enter your personal information and wait for approval. Your card will be shipped within 10 days (for United States residents) and within 20 days (non-US).  

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