How to make money online on Elance

If you an It freelancer,web designer,digital marketer,seo specialist,PHP Programmers,HTML Programmers,MYSQL Programmers,CSS Programmers,WordPress Programmers,JavaScript Programmers,AJAX Programmers,Flash Programmers,Joomla! Programmers,iPhone Programmers ,if you looking for a job online ,if you asked yourself one day: how to work online? , how to make money online? ,how to create a website? ,how to earn money online? ,what is freelance?how to freelance?where can i find a web designer? you should read this article ...

One of the best ways  to make money online is working as a freelancer. freelancers sell their skills and services for anyone looking for it .

Elance ..Elance is an online marketplace for freelance work. If you have skills in writing, marketing, graphic design, web development, programming, or many other professional fields, you can get work on Elance. It sounded good.

How to make money online on Elance

I see Elance the best website to search for work as it has a variety of jobs such as large projects with value over $10K as well as small projects that are worth only $100.

Benjamin Gran  is a full-time freelance writer and consultant. He won the $10,000 Grand Prize in the Elance "New Way to Work Contest" and is an Elance Premier Provider with clients all over the world - Australia, Germany, London, Tokyo and throughout the U.S. 

 Ben Gran said   "I joined Elance in January 2009 and got my first project ($200 from a client in Australia) in February 2009. Then more projects started coming in. I started making several hundred dollars a month, sometimes more, all while working from home in my pajamas. One month I made over a thousand dollars, in just a few hours a week, and I was getting to work on interesting projects with fun people all over the world. 

Eventually, I was getting so busy with my Elance work that I decided to quit my job and be a full-time freelancer, working from home and spending lots of time with my wife and kids. It's amazing! I still can't believe I'm getting away with making a living like this. 

I know this sounds like some kind of online "work from home" scam, but it's not - it's a real thing. Elance changed my life. I went from being a struggling sole breadwinner to a confident self-employed entrepreneur. I make more money than I've ever made, and I enjoy every day of my life more than ever before. And I recently surpassed $100,000 in lifetime earnings on Elance. "

Here are few tips to start on Elance ..Do it now ,Don't wait
- Be serious and Signup for Elance :
    There are two options either to sign up as a Business Enterprise or to sign up as an individual. provide a valid name, email address, residential address and a working telephone number. Please be careful to provide real details asked by Elance so that no further issues arise due to misleading information. Before bidding on projects you need to verify your telephone number where Elance system will give you a call with the confirmation code once your account gets verified you are almost ready to make money with Elance.

-Set up your profile completly:
  to get noticed.Include your key skills (businesses find you by searching for these skills). Also include your    
  portfolio, job history and even a nice photo (they'll love seeing you).

- Test your Skills:
    test your skills on Elance you need to prove your expertise and technical knowledge for a particular  skill to leave a healthy impression upon potential contractors. Skills Test helps in getting valuable projects. but you can start without testing your skills but i recommend you to do it ,it sounds good.

- Find perfect jobs:
   here is the first challange,  Businesses invite you to submit proposals for jobs. Simply respond with your offer and get hired. You  can also find jobs on Elance and apply for them.

Elance works on connects (tokens) basis (c) which are used to bid for projects,when you sign up, you have 15 connects per month so save your connects not to ruin your connects by bidding on wrong projects.
 when you choose a job or a project be sure that you have the relevant skills and time to complete the job .

-Don't lose hope :
  The first job is the hardest to win ,may it can be hard to get your first job ,you might have to do bidding on 10-20 projects or more before you get your first project as you don't have a history of projects on site but
once you get the first job then you have history on Elance so it leads and helps to next project .

-Get paid granteed:
When jobs are finished or milestones met,Elance guarantee you'll get your money,now you can sign up for Payoneer prepaid Mastercard for free +earn 25$ 

Finally ..If you want to make money by working on Elance, I  recommend checking it out. You've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain. sign up now on Elance 

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