Call To Action|Top 60 Call To Action Examples For More Engagement

Call to action is very important part of any content and every website, Facebook pages and twitter,try to write your call to action clear,delicious and more bigger than the rest of your content.It’s important to realize that not all call to action buttons are the same. As your call to action button could drastically impact your user’s/customer’s behavior it’s essential to get it right,you can choose best call to action's attractive buttons for your calls to action mission to attract more engagements, here is some examples of the most call to action for different objectives you can use them to ask your readers to do like:

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Top call to action examples for more engagment

Ex.Facebook Calls to Action: Increase Your Reach by Engaging Fans:
Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm rewards "engagement" on your Facebook posts. In other words, posts that attract a lot of engagement in terms of actions such as Likes, shares, and comments will be rewarded with greater visibility in users' News Feeds.The more comments, likes, and shares (engagement) your page gets overall, the more opportunities you will have for people to see more of your posts (reach).

The most important Facebook calls to action helping to increase engagement on Facebook pages:
-Call to action“Like us or join us” if you agree:
 ask your fans to like your status if they agree.
-Call to action ,Ask a question:
 Engage with your fans by asking them a question. ask your question at the end of your post to receive the same level of response.
-Call to action,Caption this photo:
 Post a funny  interesting photos and ask them to add their caption to the comments.
-Call to action,True or False:
 Ask a question for your fans
-Call to action,Please share: 
 post something that you feel people  will like it, such as a coupon or offer and ask people to share.

Hope that this collection of call to action give you some idea of creative ways to make these calls to action in your business work. Do you have any “CTA’s” Call to action that have worked for you Let us know in the comments

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