Clickbank dosen't recommend using third-party "link shortening" services such as "tinyurl", "", or other similar services

There are many articles talking about avoiding short affiliate links with clickbank so to not get confused i contact directly clickbank support to know about the truth in this case .and this is the answer according to click bank support:

Sep 17 08:17

Hello mohamed,

Thank you for your inquiry! In order to be able to guarantee your commissions, ClickBank does not recommend using third-party "link shortening" services such as "tinyurl", "", or other similar services.

While many affiliates do use such link shortening services in order to receive a shorter, more discreet link, we must inform you that ClickBank can only guarantee the tracking of HopLinks in the official ClickBank format. If you choose to use such a service, please be sure to regularly check that your HopLinks still function properly.

Since the referral of a sale needs to pass through our link in order for us to track the referral, we cannot guarantee that you will receive commission on links in another format. Our HopLinks are designed to be tracked by ClickBank, and other links may or may not allow you to collect those commissions.

If you would like to use a forwarding domain instead of a link hiding service, that would be fine. Just keep in mind that in order for your referrals to be properly tracked, your HopLinks must not be masked once the vendor's site has been reached. When you created your domain name, if you set it to be "masked" rather than just forwarded, the HopLink will be hidden in this manner, and therefore be unreliable.

Because of technology employed by ClickBank's order form, HopLinks that hide the address of the vendor's website once the customer is on the vendor's site cannot be guaranteed to credit your account each time. Please remove the "masking" functionality from your domain if you have it set to mask your link rather than simply forward.

You may set it to forward, but in order for you to properly receive credit, it will be necessary that you set your domain to just forward and not mask the vendor's site address once the customer has arrived on their site."

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