digital marketing vitamins tips 2013

1- keywords drill - visual, social ,mobile,local ,and content marketing consider as the vitamins ,natrients, cardio,........ all brands need to keep healthy,vital like the plants need water and sun to survive .

2- creat relationship with your target audience by giving tips and triks and webnairs is very important before the sales cycle start.

3- give yourself more visibility in newsfeed and mobile by sharing images and pictures (best size is 403 pix   wide by 271 pix high ).

4-try to encourge users to find you by (google),(google me),rather than typing your domain directly to give google powerful signals to rank "wood said".

5-use another digital resources not only google is your digital resources such as social networks such as facebook and twitter - bing ,duck dich go ,quora .

6-keep writing rich content and post it in guest blogging.

7- keep attention to your website speed as it effects your rank in SERP.

8-anchor text is a signal, but any solid link profile is going to naturally use relevant text and appear in the context of relevant text. If you want to tweak the text on some of your high-authority links, go for it, but I wouldn’t break out the spreadsheets in 2013.

9-Just keep in mind “make your self real” instead of “try to be a real”. Don’t overdo SEO,Think like a Marketer and spend time in RCS to generate business not only from Internet but also from offline means.

10- Online video continues to rise. Customers who watch videos of products or services are 85 percent more likely to buy. You can't afford to pass that up.

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