what is SEO

what is SEO ?

SEO or more commonly known as (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of ranking websites higher in Search engines. I have been working on SEO for around 6 years and have dealt with a wide range of verticals. SEO can be broken down into the following sections -
1. Off site optimization – This involves all link building efforts for your website – Link building involves many different aspects such as partner ships, widget links, social links, 1 way links, article links, the list is endless.
2. On site optimization – This involved optimization your on page content such as coding, copy design, CMS choice, CMS add ons, Website usability, hierarchy tags, meta data, titles, url structure, sitemaps, xml sitemaps, robots.txt and so on.
The important thing about SEO is you must not just limit your website to only on site and off site SEO. You need to involve all levels of business and all marketing functions into SEO. SEO now sites very closely with social media efforts on your website so it is important to remember to factor in a social media element to your SEO plan

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